German Medical Care

I was at the Dr.’s in Kaiserslautern (off base clinic) for 2.5 hours today.  They just go ahead and do everything, no questions asked.  I have been trying for 3 years to get an MRI in the states and even had two neurologists recommend one.  But always my doctor on base would say that I didn’t need one, that it wasn’t justified.  Now, finally, someone is taking me seriously.
Funny that it’s a German, and not an American that finally takes me seriously.  All the German nurses and doctors all are very focused on their job.  No employees were sitting around eating a sandwich like you see in the states. The office was very clean and every patient was very gracious to every other patient.  The Dr. spoke perfect english, but none of the other  staff did…in fact very few people in the entire hospital did.  It’s amazing once you get out of the Ramstein “bubble” how many non-english speakers are living right in Kaiserslautern. Hey – this must be Germany?  Everyone that told me “oh, don’t worry, everyone speaks English” ….they were wrong.  Or they haven’t been to very many German businesses/restaurants/shops outside the base.
In other news, I just ran my first 5k in Deutschland on Saturday.  It was pretty cold and my lips were frozen the entire time.  I wore a hat and gloves and not nearly warm enough pants.  Also, I’m definitely working harder than I used to in my younger days, and I was a lot more stiff afterward.  But my time was really good, and I managed to chase the same father/daughter couple the entire race (they were booking it – she was only 9 or 10 yrs old!).  Dogs were not only accepted, but welcomed, and many people came just to socialize their pups.  It was like being out to dinner at a German restaurant.  I really miss Kona and Zoe.  A photo of them just to make me feel better, and a photo of me just for fun;)

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  1. wendy said,

    November 6, 2011 at 9:03 pm

    Hi! Where are Kona & Zoe?

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